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Poppy Swap! our heart, our mission

July 29, 2010

When I hired the folks to host our site I found myself sitting down to write out a mission statement. Though they were friends of the family, I felt like I needed them to FEEL what the heart of this project is before they started to work on it.

Here is what came out:

The Poppy Swap

The purpose of this site is to provide a service. We bring great herbal products to the public and create prosperity for cottage-industry herbalists.

We facilitate positive community development, personal, environmental and health education. We promote the cultural development of green market places.

The site provides an affordable and flexible website for herbalists, wildcrafters, gardeners, farmers and sustainable wholesalers.

We attract people interested in the best of holistic medicinals, herbal edibles, bodycare and cosmetics, aromatherapy, bulk herbs, pet care products, and wholesale supplies.

We promote organic and sustainable products and will only list products that are made with natural ingredients or wildcrafted in a sustainable manner.

So that’s the broad stroke on our baby site, let’s start-up the swap!

love, Kiki


Asheville Herb Festival!

April 29, 2010

In April i went to Ashville herb festival! At that point I was actually naive enough to think poppy swap would be up and running….we didn’t even have hosting for the site! But I went anyway and I am so glad I did! North Carolina is the home of many incredible herbal programs and businesses including Red Moon Herbs. These ladies are true pioneers and have amazing quality and care in what they do for us.

I met so many amazing herbalists and dear women who really extended their true southern hospitality to me. They filled my tank and encouraged me to keep working for our community.

East coast roots!!
xoxo Kiki

om, our name!

March 29, 2010

The name that first came to me for Poppy Swap was “” Our  website model is of course inspired by the genius of and I loved how organic the name “rootsy” was. But of course someone owned the url and after negotiating with him for a little while I decided extortion was not for me and that I didn’t want to be a copycat.

In January, I went for my annual 10-day Meditation retreat. I think it was day 5 or 6 when the name just “poppied”into my head. And the rest is……well, compost 😉

The other happy ending of this story is that after many conversations around the negotiation of, the url pirate just woke up and went and did his first meditation retreat in March!

Good seeds always spread!

Share your goodness, love, Kiki