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3 Steps to Swoon

February 7, 2011

You can imagine that Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays here at the swap!
Our swappers are professional Cupids: stylish, romantic, creative, and dedicated to spoiling you. Kiki is infatuated. Here are her 3 steps to swoon:

First step: Seduce! Take your love charm to the next level with this Chocolate Rose Elixir An alchemical blend of Cacao, Raw honey and Hand Picked Roses; a drop will call the divine in to your beloved’s day.

Second step: Pamper! Lavender is the essential herb to bring peace and relaxation. These bath salts are made in the center of a botanical garden and created fresh at the time of your order. Pink Himalayan Salts and Pure Lavender Essential oil will soothe away any stress.

Third step: Ignite! Drop the bomb. The love bomb! Let them know you mean business with these hand crafted truffles. Each truffle is made individually with Balinese raw cacao and cocoa butter. Gemstone infusions add decadence and royal notes to the experience that will endure in time as your most romantic impression.

Why resist. There is no escaping. Love is eternal.

Begin forever now.
Love, kiki


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