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Igniting a movement

March 21, 2011

The role of poppyswap is to get the word out on all of the amazing ways that people can change their habits and heal their lives by working WITH the planet. Herbalists, are the ultimate stewards and we, as a group, have come together for centuries to share our love and to make our traditions and values live through time.

We have communication tools that we have never had before. The internet can help us unite even more strongly and build momentum for our shared wisdom. Our contributions will be not only a voice for the Earth and the Green Revolution but will provide the inspiration and living example to those who are thirsty and eager to learn.

I care deeply about the purpose and mission of this site and I truly believe that our potential is great. I know that we can support one another personally while being teachers, lovers and role models to our society. If we want it to be effective we need to spread the word and make this site hop with activity and passion.

Let’s rock the swap!

Love, Kiki


Love Poem To the Planet

February 12, 2011

Each of our herbalists is having their own outrageous affair with the earth. An endless crush on the planet. Intoxicated by bouquets, they whisper spells in the forest. Forgetting their cares, they roam the hills and release their souls with regular rolls in the hay.

Monday is Valentine’s Day. We know you’ve got a thing for our gorgeous girl Gaia It’s time to pour it on. Write a love poem to the planet. We won’t be jealous. In fact, if we choose your poem, we will celebrate you with one of these incredibly luscious and empiracally organic Valentine’s day delights.


This velvety soap is made with Organic Cocoa Butter, Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, raw unrefined Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Candelilla wax. Hand Crafted by Aquarian Bath.


Karmela Botanica
does everything sweetly. Dutch Dark Chocolate, green clay, wild harvested kelp, organic comfrey and lavender, this chocolate mask is an antioxidant blast. It is sweet decadence that will purely delight Have a chocolate mud mask party with your sweetheart!


Possibly the most romantic gift ever, these absolutely healthful, luscious, organic chocolate roses are handcrafted of anti-oxidant-rich Balinese raw cacao and cocoa butter, and a touch of mineral-rich coconut palm sugar. Melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate is infused with aphrodisiacs: maca, damiana, vanilla bean, pure rose otto, and the alchemical spagyrics of cacao, rose, and gemstone elixirs. Sure to open the heart and enliven the senses, these incredible truffles are a healthy indulgence. Each one is made by hand by Elixia in Portland, OR. This is a half pound of pleasure presented in a golden, eco-friendly giftbox.

So get your poetry flowin and send us your entries. You can leave your poem as a reply to this post, add it to our facebook page or email by the end of Monday.

She fed you, bathed you and tickled your toes all year. Send some heart felt words her way! Write a love poem to the planet!

3 Steps to Swoon

February 7, 2011

You can imagine that Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays here at the swap!
Our swappers are professional Cupids: stylish, romantic, creative, and dedicated to spoiling you. Kiki is infatuated. Here are her 3 steps to swoon:

First step: Seduce! Take your love charm to the next level with this Chocolate Rose Elixir An alchemical blend of Cacao, Raw honey and Hand Picked Roses; a drop will call the divine in to your beloved’s day.

Second step: Pamper! Lavender is the essential herb to bring peace and relaxation. These bath salts are made in the center of a botanical garden and created fresh at the time of your order. Pink Himalayan Salts and Pure Lavender Essential oil will soothe away any stress.

Third step: Ignite! Drop the bomb. The love bomb! Let them know you mean business with these hand crafted truffles. Each truffle is made individually with Balinese raw cacao and cocoa butter. Gemstone infusions add decadence and royal notes to the experience that will endure in time as your most romantic impression.

Why resist. There is no escaping. Love is eternal.

Begin forever now.
Love, kiki

local love, for global lovers

February 5, 2011

What an incredible week! Sunday morning, Poppyswap was still under the radar, as my delicious muse, my private canvas. All of the creativity that was poured into it’s foundation was itching to manifest. But Sunday morning I was still struggling to get the forum design out of 1977 and struggling to help local herbalists get their products “swap ready.” I had a morning yoga and smoothie date with my sister Laya and we decided to go back to her house and have a Sunday lay around. We were playing some music and playing on the swap when she casually said “you need to get in touch with John at”

I had always known John Gallagher as the herbmentor. He has been a supporter of our medicinewomen blog during this last year and posts our articles along with many other talented herbalists. What I didn’t know that John is acupuncturist and herbalist from Washington (just like me) and lives only an hour away!

My shyness melted. Herbmentor was my neighbor!

That afternoon I scooted across town to meet up with Saphir from Karmela Botanica. I had met Karma, the herbalist and owner of Karmela Botanica at the farmer’s market last summer and we had come up with a plan to bring her delicious skin care line onto the swap. I headed over to the market to play with product and ignite our dream.

Long story short: John Gallagher from the herbmentor is an incredibly gracious community builder and dedicated herbal educator who’s site is simply prolific in what it offers! He liked the site and encouraged me to get on the horn with it. He “mentored” me into this next blooming era of the poppyswap.

Saphir turns out to be one of the organizers of this year’s NW Herbal Fair. Our minds got dizzy with the exciting happenings for our local herb community and the potential for collaboration. I look forward to becoming a sponsor and contributing to the rebirth of the fair.

So here I am, its one week later. I am in shock. Poppyswap has exploded into the public garden of herbalists. I have met swappers from Maine, Vermont, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Oregon, and Canada. I have connected with literally hundreds of herbalists who have all rushed in to support the site and this growing community!

Remember that bumper sticker: “think globally, act locally”? It’s the morale of this poppyswap story.

And whenever there is a great morale, it inspires a great mission!

Let’s take this wonderful momentum and energy, charge it up through the global collective space of poppyswap and then take it home and pour it into the people, plants, and products of our local communities.

Love you all, now let’s rock the swap!


the seeds that started the swap!

January 9, 2011

My home sits is in the fertile cedar and fir rain forest of the northwest. After a summer of wildcrafting mugwort and producing organic moxa for my own acupuncture practice, I became excited to share it with acupuncturists everywhere. The idea for Poppy Swap while sitting on the stone wall in the raspberry patch of my garden.

With the great support of my dear friends and talented community, I got to work on this site in the summer of 2010.

My work is dedicated to the generosity of herbs and plant medicines and my hope is that this site will become an access point for the education and empowerment of people all over the world.

let’s rock the swap!

Love, Kiki

2011 and the swap goes POP

January 4, 2011

Judith and Kiki wafting the Mugwort

New Years Eve 2010: I’m excited and excitable. 2010 was an incredible year! I may live in a sanctuary of cedars but with this wild project, the momentum feels like Manhattan.

The swap is ready. I have spent all year learning and growing. Now, after all of the hours, evenings and uploads, trademarks and terms….the time has come: the time for HERBS!!

So, while I still have Moxa to make and salves to set, I decided that with the New Year upon us to just go for it, “go live” and take the ride.

Here’s a toast to 2011! To ALL of the herbalists, poppy swappers, turned on herb takers and inspired evolvers…..and to our incredible team here at the swap, let this be the most amazing year ever full of community, healing and commitment to each other and to the planet.

Love and blessings, Kiki

why why why???

October 4, 2010

Here’s an article I wrote a while back on the value of herbal medicine. It may explain a bit more about why we do what we do.

Much love, Kiki